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Peer-reviewed Articles

Charnysh, V., L. Peisakhin. Forthcoming. "The Role of Communities in the Transmission of Political Values." The British Journal of Political Science Show abstract

Charnysh, V. 2019. "Diversity, Institutions, and Economic Outcomes: Post-WWII Displacement in Poland." American Political Science Review 113 (12): 423-441. Show abstract

Charnysh, V., E. Finkel. 2017. "The Death Camp Eldorado: Political and Economic Effects of Mass Violence." American Political Science Review 111 (4): 801-818. Show abstract

Charnysh, V., S. Markus. 2017. "The Flexible Few: Oligarchs and Wealth Defense in Developing Democracies". Comparative Political Studies 50 (12): 1632–1665. Show abstract

Charnysh, V. 2015. “Historical Legacies of Interethnic Competition: Anti-Semitism and the EU Referendum in Poland.” Comparative Political Studies 48 (13): 1711-1745. Show abstract

Charnysh, V., P. Lloyd, B.A. Simmons. 2015. "Frames and Consensus in International Relations: the Case of Human Trafficking." European Journal of International Relations 21 (2): 323-351. Show abstract

Charnysh, V., C. Lucas, P. Singh. 2015. “The Ties that Bind: National Identity Salience and Pro-Social Behavior.” Comparative Political Studies 48 (3): 267-300. Show abstract

Charnysh V. 2013. "Identity Mobilization in Hybrid Regimes: Language in Ukrainian Politics." Nationalities Papers 41 (1) : 1-14. Show abstract

Working Papers

Charnysh, V., B. McElroy. "Explaining outgroup bias in weak states: religion and legibility in the 1891-92 Russian famine." Show abstract

Charnysh, V., D. Ziblatt. "Consequences of Competition Under Autocracy for Democratic Elections: From Imperial to Weimar Germany." Show abstract

Bollen, P., Charnysh, V. "Dispute Resolution in Heterogeneous Societies." Show abstract

Charnysh, V. “Remembering past atrocities – good or bad for attitudes toward minorities?” Show abstract

Charnysh, V. “The Enemy Within: Divisive Political Discourse in Modern Poland.”

Book Chapters

Charnysh, V. and T. Kulakievich. 2017. Belarusian Political Parties: Organizational Structures and Practices.” In Kosowska-Gastol & Borowiec (eds.) Organizational Structures of Political Parties in Central and Eastern European Countries. Jagiellonian University Press.

Charnysh, V. 2013. “Nuclear Proliferation: History and Lessons.” In Barash (ed.) Approaches to Peace, (3rd ed.) Oxford University Press.

Charnysh, V. 2013. “Transnational Networks and Norm Compliance: Stopping Executions in Belarus.” In Hodgkinson (ed.) Capital Punishment: New Perspectives. Ashgate.