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Peer-reviewed Articles

Charnysh, V. 2019. "Diversity, Institutions, and Economic Outcomes: Post-WWII Displacement in Poland." American Political Science Review 113 (12): 423-441. Show abstract

Charnysh, V., E. Finkel. 2017. "The Death Camp Eldorado: Political and Economic Effects of Mass Violence." American Political Science Review 111 (4): 801-818. Show abstract

Charnysh, V., S. Markus. 2017. "The Flexible Few: Oligarchs and Wealth Defense in Developing Democracies". Comparative Political Studies 50 (12): 1632–1665. Show abstract

Charnysh, V. 2015. “Historical Legacies of Interethnic Competition: Anti-Semitism and the EU Referendum in Poland.” Comparative Political Studies 48 (13): 1711-1745. Show abstract

Charnysh, V., P. Lloyd, B.A. Simmons. 2015. "Frames and Consensus in International Relations: the Case of Human Trafficking." European Journal of International Relations 21 (2): 323-351. Show abstract

Charnysh, V., C. Lucas, P. Singh. 2015. “The Ties that Bind: National Identity Salience and Pro-Social Behavior.” Comparative Political Studies 48 (3): 267-300. Show abstract

Charnysh V. 2013. "Identity Mobilization in Hybrid Regimes: Language in Ukrainian Politics." Nationalities Papers 41 (1) : 1-14. Show abstract

Working Papers

Charnysh, V., D. Ziblatt. "Past Experience with Elections and Democratic Stability: Voting in Imperial and Weimar Germany."

Charnysh, V., L. Peisakhin. "Mechanisms Behind Persistence of Political Behavior: A Natural Experiment."

Charnysh, V., B. McElroy. "Representative Institutions and Policy Responsiveness in Autocracies: 1891–92 Famine in Imperial Russia."

Book Chapters

Charnysh, V. and T. Kulakievich. 2017. Belarusian Political Parties: Organizational Structures and Practices.” In Kosowska-Gastol & Borowiec (eds.) Organizational Structures of Political Parties in Central and Eastern European Countries. Jagiellonian University Press.

Charnysh, V. 2013. “Nuclear Proliferation: History and Lessons.” In Barash (ed.) Approaches to Peace, (3rd ed.) Oxford University Press.

Charnysh, V. 2013. “Transnational Networks and Norm Compliance: Stopping Executions in Belarus.” In Hodgkinson (ed.) Capital Punishment: New Perspectives. Ashgate.